You deserve to feel seen, heard and celebrated. I am here to support you and build your confidence. 

Whether that's through my art as a photographer or through business and life coaching, this is my life's purpose. I want to show you how beautiful each season of your life is through the images I take. Through coaching, I want to validate your ideas and help you build confidence in your own capabilities so you leave every single interaction feeling like you know exactly what you're supposed to do and WHY.  You are the main character and I'm your Yoda. 

My mission in life is to lift up others. 

Long story short

Hey sunshine, it's so nice to meet you. 

I'm Anna, otherwise known as a Gemini, ENFJ, Enneagram 7 gal who is a boss ass b*tch determined dream chaser but also an incredibly sensitive human being who can cry at just about anything. My world is my husband, Gus, my daughter, Wren and our two dogs, Cedar and Harlow. We freaking love national parks, brunch dates and watching Survivor. I am the kind of person who's calm around strangers and dancing on tables with my closest friends. I firmly believe that a good margarita can make anyones day better and completely judge a person's character on how they treat waitstaff. I was always the girl giving others a motivational pep talk and decided to turn it into a career. Some days, I can't believe my life is real. I am so grateful for every experience that has lead me here. 

Anna Giese

photographer, coach, + human being

fun facts


favorite hobby

I grew up camping with my family on the weekends and now Gus and I make it a priority to go camping a few times a year either solo or with friends. It's our FAVORITE thing to spend time chatting around a fire, swimming in the lake or hiking through the woods. 

camping girl

fun facts


My first job was...

My first pair of high heels were tap shoes and my first job was when I was 11, assistant teaching jazz to little 3 year olds. I still LOVE to break it down on the dance floor and will often be the last one out there. 

a dance teacher

fun facts


my motto in life

I firmly believe you should be your weirdest, most authentic self and never say no just because someone will judge you. This motto has led to some of the greatest memories and laughing fits of my life.

screw the fear of judgment

fun facts


Favorite travel memory

My oma (grandma) met my grandpa when he was stationed in Germany and they fell in love which ended up with her moving to the US. When I was 21, I spent a month in her hometown of 800 in Germany getting to know my extended family, their friends and the culture. To say the least, it was unforgettable. 

German Roots